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gangsta_paradis's Journal

18 July 1982
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hmm wat can i say bout me. i dont know, some of my frens said that im stubborn, clumsy, religius, kind, can keep a secret (is it tru??), lazyhead, bookworm (i luv read! is it wrong wit that?? geez...), i like cleaning especially my room meybi cause i hav some allergic thats why...ummm wat more??
oh im indepence! i dont like 'goody-goody' or anything 'not important' stuff...
i mean if u hav some lil' time, i choose to doing somthing usefull than just doing somthing irrasional thing, meybi thats why i prefer sleep than doing nothing (yup im sleepyhead too!)
i dont like horror or mysterious stuff but i like reading them, especially detective story...its kinda curious thing to feel, so i cant stop reading it...

the more important bout me is, i never want to make anyone feel angry, annoy, or somthing not good bcause of me. im an easy person to say 'sorry' and 'thankie' only for small thing^^ and if theres somthing happen, i'll just stand as a 'neutral thingy', never stand in anyone else n' always believe in myself...(blah! hihihi)

mm i think thats all...
im too lazy to write bout myself...so we ended here...

*btw dont get fooled wit my journal name, it sounds 'hard' but the truth is...cause i dont know wat name SHOULD i take!! i take it cause wen i made this journal, i listening 'gangsta paradise' by coolio...(simpleminded!!)